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Welcome to KAVA CRM

Helping you to deliver an amazing client experience


KAVA CRM will help you manage all aspects of client-facing activities - from managing new business prospects to renewing policies and managing claims.

Use the Quick Links in the above menu to access commonly used actions within KAVA CRM.

Using the Processes menu option above, you can view detailed processes about each step in your insurance policy lifecycle. The process pages will walk you through each core process step-by-step. The detailed processes are also built in to the relevant CRM modules that you see along the top header bar (e.g. Prospects, Required Covers, etc).

The Help section above will provide detailed instructions on how to perform common system functions and also answer frequently asked questions.

Have further questions about KAVA CRM?

If you have further questions about or any issues using KAVA CRM, please contact your CRM Champion.


Your CRM Champion is:  <Name>
Please contact on:  <Email> or <Phone>

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